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Good Health Is Hard Work

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Let’s face it. Good health is hard work. Why do you think gym memberships skyrocket in January only to find the gym empty by March every year?

Your state of health is the result of thousands of good or bad decisions applied consistently over time.

And countless other small but important daily decisions.

Good Health Is Hard Work

Is Good Health Worth the Hard Work?

Good health is the result of going through something hard to get to something better. That is especially true in an office like Reinhold Chiropractic Group where we focus on correcting root causes instead of simply “patching up” your pain.

We live in a land of quick fixes. Your MD has a pill that will erase your low back pain or your headache in an instant. Kids don’t understand the need to sit through classes when they can easily look everything up online.

We want to know what’s wrong–we just don’t want to work too hard to fix it.

Chiropractic care is different. It is not a treatment. It’s a lifestyle. A process, not an event. In this office, we have decided to focus on a difficult style of care – spinal correction followed by wellness care. Spinal correction is hard work. It involves time, patience, many visits to the office, homework, and often some discomfort, especially at the start of care. And then when you are done correcting your spine, we tell you that you have to maintain the results of your hard work for the rest of your life! Why would anyone subject themselves to THAT?

What’s Your Good Health Goal?

It really comes down to a matter of defining your goal. Our goal for every patient is optimal health. Or at least the best health possible given your unique set of circumstances.

The best way to give yourself the opportunity for optimal health is to attain the healthiest nerve system possible and then maintain it at a high level of function. The way to get to that goal is by getting your spine out of the way of your nerves. Restore your spine as closely as possible to its natural state and then check it regularly for any new or recurring issues.

We recognize that the journey is long and often difficult. It costs time and money. But if you could sit for a moment in my seat, you would see people’s lives transform on a daily basis. You would see that the people who apply the things we teach them and follow their recommendations closely are far more healthy and vibrant as a result.

Breakdown is a natural process. Things decay. Your child’s room gets messier over time unless it’s cleaned. Repair requires effort and energy. When repair exceeds breakdown in the body, good health is the result. It’s worth the hard work.

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