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What Is the Popping and Cracking Noise I Hear?

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Many practice members are curious regarding the popping or cracking noise they may potentially hear during a visit to their chiropractor. Some may go as far as to correlate the “pop” or “crack” with the adjustment itself. Some to the point of saying something like “I can’t stand the noise the adjustment makes” while others may think they didn’t get an adjustment at all in the absence of such a cavitation sound.

At Reinhold Chiropractic Group, our primary concern is your quality of life. Our main way of contributing is to correct and maintain your spine as free of subluxation and nerve pressure as possible throughout your life. The method we use to accomplish this is known as an adjustment.

A simple way to think of a subluxation is when a joint in your spine is stuck out of alignment.

Have you ever had a near-perfect day participating in a favorite quality of life activity…and then had a hard time getting out of bed or turning your head the next day? If that subluxation is left uncorrected for long enough, your body takes action through degenerative and arthritic changes that ultimately rob you of quality of life! Luckily, if you have the inevitable subluxations that life brings corrected before this happens, you’re able to handle life’s stresses, in their many forms, without an interruption to your life.

Popping and cracking noises during a chiropractic adjustment

So What Is the Popping Noise?

A quick Google search gives the following definition for the word adjustment: a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance or result. This is analogous to the way a chiropractic adjustment corrects subluxations. Many joints in the body (especially in the spine) are synovial joints with a ligament or capsule that surrounds the joint and holds in synovial fluid. This is important so that movement of your fingers, toes, spine, etc. results in bone on fluid and not bone on bone. Adjustments cause a shifting to unstick the joint that is stuck out of place. This may slosh the fluid around within the capsule and harmlessly release oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide resulting in an audible popping of these gas bubbles. Or an adjustment meeting the above criteria perfectly, might also be perfectly silent.

So at Reinhold Chiropractic Group, our goal with your adjustment is to reduce your subluxations to unleash your highest quality of life! Not to cause the innocent “pop” or “crack” that often accompanies an adjustment. Except when it doesn’t.

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