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Re-Train a Spine with One Chiropractic Visit?

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How many chiropractic visits does it take to fix your problem? Is just one chiropractic visit enough? How can you re-train your spine with just one spinal adjustment?

You can’t.

You re-train a spine over a period of weeks or months through repetitive re-training of the nervous system. Chiropractic’s goal is to cause the bones of your spine to assume a more normal motion and position, thereby removing abnormal stress on the nerves. With less stress on the delicate nerve tissue, your nervous system works more closely to its full potential, and you are healthier as a result.

What Happens in a Chiropractic Visit?

Each chiropractic visit only takes a few minutes because we know the underlying postural and joint motion patterns we are trying to correct based on your examination and x-rays. We also examine your posture and joint function at each visit to modify our input as you heal, repair, and re-train your spine toward normal.

(For more about what to expect from your chiropractic visit, watch this intro by Dr. Travis.)

We perform the forces we put into your spine at very specific angles and with just the right amount of pressure to effect the change we are trying to make. It’s never random. And the goal of your chiropractic visit is never to make joints “pop” or “crack,” although that sound often accompanies an adjustment. The actual goal of an adjustment is to stimulate tiny receptors or sensors in the spinal joints known as mechanoreceptors in a certain way that tells the brain to move the joint or hold the posture differently than it is used to.

What Happens after a Chiropractic Visit?

Generally, we do the adjusting in just a couple of minutes. Your body will continue to adapt, shift, re-align, and “adjust” to these new patterns of motion for up to several days. Some chiropractors say the adjustment actually begins when you get OFF the table! This is the reason that some people experience soreness from their adjustments. A body that is adapting to new motion patterns, postures, and joint positions has to change the way muscles pull on the bones. As the muscles adapt, sometimes you may experience a sensation similar to post-workout soreness.

Since spinal re-training is a process and not an event, we are dedicated to helping our patients keep the rigorous schedules we prescribe. Just like practicing for a sport, each adjustment builds on the ones before to train better, more natural function. You only get one spine. Make it the best it can be!

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