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3 Things To Look Forward to at Your Report of Findings

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  3. 3 Things To Look Forward to at Your Report of Findings

One of our favorite days in the office is when we get to deliver our report of findings to you. I still remember my own report of findings from the first chiropractor I ever saw, and I remember how it literally changed my life. I had finally found a doctor who looked at the whole person and sought a root cause for my issues. I found a profession that restored my hope instead of squashing symptoms. And I learned that stress to the nervous system causes far more than just neck pain, low back pain, and headaches.

Personalized Care Plan

There are specific, measurable protocols that we use for spinal rehabilitation, but every person who comes through our doors is a unique individual with a unique history. We take pride in tailoring our care plans to each person’s needs. 

During your report of findings, you will hear what we found during your exam, see your x-rays, and get an honest answer to whether we feel we can help you achieve your health goals.  You will be given a measurable, goal-based care plan. We will go over how to pay for your care, including what we expect your insurance company to contribute. We are in network with most of the major carriers in our area.

Spinal rehabilitative care is a team effort. We both need to fully engage in the process for it to succeed.

We will make sure you understand all aspects of your care plan and are ready to jump in with both feet before we begin any care.

Seeing your X-rays

My training prior to chiropractic school was in electrical engineering. Chiropractic is all about getting the mechanical workings of the spine out of the way of the electrical function of the nervous system. There is an immense amount of biomechanical information that can be gleaned from looking at x-rays of your spine.

We do a thorough engineering analysis and compare your spine to the normal position from biomechanical research. We then correlate our findings to your history and examination to determine root causes of your health issues.

(For the rare reader looking for a discussion of the engineering research that exists into answering the question, “What is a normal spine?”, here is an article written in response to years of discussion/opinion among those in spine-related health care regarding this issue.)

X-rays have the added benefit of allowing us to detect any congenital issues, degenerative arthritis, or other pathology that play an important role in your overall clinical picture.


We give straight answers to your questions, even if the answer is that we cannot help you with your problem.  We will not delay you in finding the help you need if we feel that another type of health care provider can get you there more quickly.  If that is the case, we will have already done some research and will be able to point you in a direction we believe will help.  

If we feel that we are the best place for you, we will answer four very important questions during your report:

  • What is causing my health issues?
  • How long will it take to help me?
  • How often will I have to come to the office?
  • What are the costs for care?

Virtually everyone has these four questions on their mind when they come in for their report. Often there are also questions they don’t know they have or don’t think apply to their chiropractic experience, or even questions they have stopped asking because they have accepted that their issues are going to always be there (for example, “It’s just my bad knee…”).

By the end of your report, you will know if we are the right office for you. We will be ready to start care that day and get you on the path to better health!

So don’t wait any longer to get started with your care. Schedule your new patient exam today!

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