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Choosing the Best Mattress – 3 Keys to Better Sleep, Part 2

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Sleep quality is one of the most important keys to longevity and quality of life. And choosing the best mattress for you can dramatically improve your night’s sleep.

As a chiropractor, my patients often ask me about the best mattress for them, sleep positions, pillows, and just about everything else involved in getting a good night’s sleep. Making a few important adjustments in your sleep position, having the best mattress possible, and using the right pillow can all have a dramatic effect on how well you sleep.

In this article, I’ll help explore the best mattress options available and help you see what to avoid when finding your best mattress.

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Finding the Best Mattress Is More Important Than You Think

There is really no substitute for a good quality, supportive mattress. There are so many choices available on the market today in a wide price range. The bottom line for me is comfort and support. It ultimately doesn’t matter whether you have a latex, spring, memory foam, or other construction as long as you meet these two conditions.

Having said that, though, I’m not a fan of waterbeds. I don’t believe waterbeds offer enough support in the long run (even the fully-baffled models). Plus, the temperature of a waterbed doesn’t allow your body to get into the deeper stages of repair sleep as easily in my opinion.

I am not a big fan of memory foam mattresses either because they tend to hold you in one position all night. That inhibits the changes in position that your body actually uses throughout the night to enhance lymph flow and circulation. There is a reason hospital beds are programmed to move every so often.

choosing the best mattress - organic latex mattress from Cozy Pure in Virginia Beach

The two styles of mattress that have worked best for me over the years are a traditional mattress and box spring combination and a latex mattress.

With traditional mattresses, I usually recommend finding the firmest mattress you are comfortable sleeping on (take your time in the store trying them out!). Then add an inexpensive 1” to 2” thick memory foam top to the mattress. When the memory foam wears out in a year or two, just replace it. This extends the life of your mattress and gives the feel of memory foam without the problems mentioned above.

So which mattress did I choose? My current mattress is an organic latex mattress. Why organic latex? Because there are a whole host of chemicals used in constructing traditional mattresses and those chemicals actually “off-gas” over time. Organic latex eliminates that problem completely when coupled with 100% cotton bedding. Just one more place to save regular exposure to environmental toxins.

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